Celebrating the holidays as a single lesbian

Candy cane with pine treeBY KATHY BELGE
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There are a few times of year when being single is harder than other times. Being a single lesbian during the holiday season can be difficult if you don’t make sure to make plans to take care of yourself.

Beat the holiday blues. A recent study found that lesbians are more likely to be depressed around the holidays than straight women. The reasons range from not feeling accepted or estrangement from families and children. Here are a few tips for single lesbians during the holidays.

Make Plans. It might be hard to watch all of your couple friends talk about what they’re getting each other for Hanukkah or how they’re going to Cancun for Christmas. So make plans for yourself that will make you happy. If you enjoy the holiday lights, invite a friend and take a drive around town finding the best spots. Cook dinner for friends or join in the neighborhood cookie swap. If you know that a certain day, like Christmas morning or New Year’s Eve is going to be hard to spend alone, think about what you’d like to do with that day and plan ahead.

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