What do we need to achieve true equality?

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It seems that for every advance made for LGBTQ Americans, there is a counteraction from the opposition. And every bill to further gay and transgender rights has its flaws. The Supreme Court definitely helped pave the way toward true equality by ruling against DOMA last week. Americans have made great progress in the fight towards equal rights for LGBTQ people, with equal marriage being achieved in 13 states. Public approval for gay marriage is higher than ever, and the attitude toward LGBTQ people has certainly seemed to shift. Compared to even five years ago, life for many LGBTQ Americans is quite different in a positive way. Gay people openly run in elections (and win), serve in the military, appear favorably in the media and play professional sports, and more transgender people are opening up about who they are.

In my journey as a gay woman, I have been so lucky to receive support and love from the people around me. But for so many others like me, life isn’t all that great. Despite the seemingly overwhelming changes in opinion and increasing rights, LGBTQ people continue to face blatant discrimination and ill will every day. Opposition is real and strong, and we still have a very long journey ahead of us.

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