Utah LGBT protection bill dies before vote

March for LGBT rights

Mormons, whose support in Utah would be essential to SB 262 or similar bills, march to support LGBT community.


An anti-discrimination bill that aimed to protect sexual orientation and gender identity died Monday in the Utah Senate before it could reach a vote. SB262, sponsored by Senator Steve Urquhart (R- St. George), would have offered workplace and housing protections to LGBT individuals already afforded to other Utah residents based on race, creed and religion. It passed a Senate committee by a 4-3 vote, but did not receive enough support to reach the floor.

If SB262 is reintroduced next year, it would likely need the support of the Mormon Church, which did not take a position this year, to help pass the legislation. Dabakis admitted that he was unable to “close the gap” with the church.

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