Ugandan Prime Minister: Gays ‘abnormal’ but don’t punish them


The Prime Minister of Uganda, Amama Mbabazi, has said that gay citizens should not be imprisoned under the country’s anti-homosexuality bill. Why? Because being gay is an “abnormality.” While his words defend LGBT Ugandans from possible life in imprisonment and death, I wouldn’t be too quick to label Mbabazi as an advocate. Not only does he believe homosexuality to be abnormal, he compares it to “mongolism”—a derogatory term for Down syndrome.

“I think in our tradition, homosexuality is treated as an abnormality,” said Mbabazi. “Given that as a fact, the question is how do we treat abnormalities in our society. Do we kill them? […] If you identify an abnormality and you say, ‘Let’s kill homos,’ then my conclusion is that you are the one that is abnormal. They need help. How do you treat your children who are born as mongols? Do you execute them, imprison them for life?”



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