Change things up: 2014 resolutions


Adding some of this to your New Year’s list?


Time to start with a clean slate, like December 31, 2013 didn’t happen at all and you can now be your best self. (Everyone else will be great, too, so don’t worry!) Here are some resolutions from our pals over at AfterEllen.

Eboni Rafus: Finish my screenplay. Expand my novella into a full-size novel. Finish my YA novel. […] Basically…write.

Jill Guccini: Write more, read more, become more proficient in Spanish and Italian, cook more, run more, feel less down on myself because of money, hike more with my dog, be kind.

Bridget McManus: To focus on being in the present moment and eat more broccoli.

Grace Chu: I plan to find the pot at the end of the rainbow and demand that it becomes legal nationwide. Actually, scratch that. I just plan to eat more greens and drink more water.


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