The future of marriage equality in Wisconsin

Welcome to WisconsinBY JANE EISNER

2013 saw ten additional states legalize same-sex marriage, creating a grand total of eighteen US states with marriage equality. But the fight is far from over. In 2006, Wisconsin passed a constitutional amendment defining marriage as an institution reserved for heterosexual couples and it has remained unchallenged.

In order for Wisconsin to pass marriage equality, there would have to be a legal suit, which gay rights organizations such as Fair Wisconsin have yet to put forth as a strategy. Fair Wisconsin has instead pushed local domestic partner ordinances.

“It might seem passé to still be defending such a limited set of legal protections when so many similar states now have full marriage equality, but the outcome of that case could have a tremendous impact on potential future litigation on the issue of marriage equality in Wisconsin,” the external relations director for Fair Wisconsin, Megin McDonell, said.


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