Fun spring date ideas for lesbians

Can you be too picky when it comes to dating?BY KATHY BELGE
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Whether you’ve just met or have been going out for a long time, everyone knows the way to keep romance alive is to continue to explore new things together while enjoying intimacy and communication. What better way to do that than to take her on a date? Here are some great ideas for Spring dates for lesbians and bisexual women.

1. Visit a Garden
There’s no better time to visit a garden then in the Spring when everything is starting to bloom. You can get lost for hours at a lilac or rose garden, wandering around and smelling the flowers. Buy her a bouquet or plant on the way out.

2. Check out the Local Music Scene
Whether it’s the pops or pop music, a crunchy folk performer or a hot dyke band, every town has a local music venue. Many towns have free weekly newspapers that list all the venues and which bands are playing. See if the band has a website. You can listen to your sound to see if you like it and also see if they have any gay or lesbian “friends.”

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