Seeing San Francisco on a shoestring


Keeping track of the lesbian nightlife in San Francisco is a full-time job even for the locals and can carry the steep trick of high cover prices and watered down drinks. If you are a San Francisco traveler on a budget, the cab fares alone can leave you broke, sober and waiting 40 minutes in line on a street corner no lesbian would want to be after dark. The Mission District is well-known for its ample population of lesbians, but for those who thought the Castro was just for the boys, let it be known that most clubs and bars have a ladies night at least once a week, frequent and worthwhile happy hours and a mixed crowd of men, bois and gals. Here are some tips to help you skip the lines and still have cash left over to grab late night snacks, or an early breakfast.

Getting to the Café early not only ensures a daily 2 for 1 drink special until 9 p.m., but gives you prime seating on the second floor, split level dance club for optimal lady spotting on the streets below. Once a month the place is packed wall to wall for the all-girl dance party, Delicious.  A moderate walk or quick cab ride away is the only full-time lesbian bar in the city, The Lexington. A dive joint, whose mostly 20-something crowd changes like the rotating art on the wall, featuring free pool and $1 Pabst Blue Ribbon on Mondays and tequila and margarita specials on Fridays. Drawing a crowd the streets can’t even hold during Pride week, “the Lex” has a mood as inconsistent as the women it serves, but with the motto “always a party never a cover,” you would be missing out not to stop by at least once.

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