Exploring the legends of Buenos Aires

Colorful buildings in Buenos AiresBY CARLOS MELIA


Once again in Buenos Aires, city where I was born and left, many years ago, searching for new challenges and adventures. My family still lives in this beautiful city, reason why I visit at least three times a year. Every visit to me is a new discovery, always looking to learn more about it and to find new interesting things to share with all my followers and passengers. This time, expert guide Victoria Lustig, came my way and willing to work with me, she offered to take me around, to see a different side of it. My first reaction was, well what can she show me that I have not seen yet? I was right, she didn’t show me much I haven’t seen before, but she made me understand things and see others I have never noticed for lack of attention or knowledge. Travel should always be an “experience” and a “life changing moment,” and this tour gave me that.

Together we customized the itinerary, prior to my arrival to Argentina, via email. She asked me, “Carlos, what do you want to see?” and I replied, “I want to learn about the myths and legends of Buenos Aires. I want to seat at a cafe among the elders and learn from their stories.” So we did. I will only share some bits of it, since I do not want to spoil the WOW factor of this tour,  filled with secrets, myths and legends of the so called “Paris of the South.”

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