Life by the numbers: Spring is sprung

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Life by the Numbers headerBY MICHELLE ARBEAU
Celebrity Numerologist

Spread your wings and fly. Saturday brings the freedom of expression number five energy.

Spring is in full bloom in your world today. Give yourself a big pat on the back for all the blood, sweat and tears you’ve put into manifesting your goals this week. It’s paid off in a big way and the rekindled inner confidence has you soaring high right now.

Enjoy your achievements, but also remember to use the day’s energy to keep the visionary energy flowing. You don’t want to lose sight of your mission.

Today is a good day to re-clarify your intentions and what you truly want.

Michelle Arbeau is an internationally recognized celebrity numerologist, author, inspirational speaker and radio/TV host. She has a Hollywood clientele base that includes “Twilight” vampires, a “Big Bang Theory” actress, “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor, an NBC director, celebrity stylist and many more.

A media favorite and considered an expert in her field, Michelle is frequently a repeat guest on national outlets such as CBC Radio, CTV Morning Live, Breakfast Television and LA Talk Radio. Her newly released books, “The Energy of Words: Use the Vibration to Manifest the Life You Desire” and “Soul Numbers: Decipher the Message from Your Inner Self to Successfully Navigate Life” are the product of combining her love of numbers with her passion for helping others to find purpose, meaning and joy in life. Learn more at

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