Challenges abound amid high, lows and crashes

Life by the Numbers headerBY MICHELLE ARBEAU
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The eighth month of 2014 has a particularly challenging month, to say the least. Dubbed the month of manifestation/abundance and considered the “no-fail” energy (eight), it has been a roller coaster ride through highs, lows and now the crashes have hit.

As the highest change month of the year fast approaches (nine), the turbulent waters of the most active soul plane and emotional number get more murky and rough (if that’s possible). Some have felt that August was chalk full of plentiful abundance and progress while others have felt like it was utter chaos. Both are right and many of us can attest that we’ve had our fair share of moments of both.

In the final week, even those who felt like it’s been pretty smooth sailing up until this point won’t be immune to the wrath of the crashes during the next seven days. A heads up that this week has several dates that lean toward the negative side of the numbers and there’s more of those darn double eights to amplify it.

The confident and doubtless double eights popping up all over the place this month are nowhere to be found today. Instead, it’s quite the opposite with the self-doubting and self-critical three that could potentially cause you to second guess all that you’ve put together in the past few weeks. The beauty in the energy of a three day is that there’s always a sunny side. Strive to keep your mind out of the gut and not let yourself fall victim to questioning some of the awesome synchronicities that have happened to you this August. To accomplish this, it’s best to keep things light today and not get mixed up in too much seriousness or drama lest it could lead you down the path of self-destruction.

Finally a solid foundation day in our midst. With the chaos of the multi-eight month and its shock and awe anything goes flavor, it’s a nice change of pace to feel like you’ve got both feet on the ground under the influence of the 22-four. Now is the time to sketch out a game plan and sew together all the craziness of the past several weeks. Everything will make a tremendous amount of sense when you put it all down on paper. It will make all the turbulent waters of August well worth the swim. Having a sense of direction again is worth its weight in gold and you’ve got a new found appreciation for the more stable and mundane side of life.

With your sail sturdy and pointed in the right direction, you’re ready to sail away to new lands. It’s the freedom of expression number five with your line of sight aimed through the lens of the heart and emotions. Your sense of feeling is heightened and your six sense about people, places and things is at an all-time high this month.

Technically it’s a double eight day with August being the eighth month and the day’s energy adding to eight (two plus six equals eight), but the heart-centered flow of Tuesday keeps you from losing your way amidst the chaotic. This affords you a unique window of opportunity for the next 24 hours to utilize the wisdom and confidence of the eight, but see with clarity and focus through the heart’s looking glass. This could be a particularly good day to be calm, cool and collected in terms of sorting through relationship challenges. There’s an even-keeled vibe to the day that could get you far in terms of meeting on the same page with others.

You’re in the trenches today with relationship challenges. If they seem to be coming out of the woodwork and you feel like you can’t win for losing (saying or doing all the wrong things), it might be time to shelve your efforts for the time being. It’s a particularly glass half empty, perfectionistic kind of day with the critical six and judgmental nine joining forces (sum of entire date reduced is six, sum of day reduced is nine).

Today is a day to surround yourself with positive people, places and things because the negative Nellies of the world are just looking to pick a fight and stir up drama. The aim of the day is to at least end the day with the same or less relationship drama than you started with. You could quickly rack up points against you, especially because it’s so tempting to lash out in the midst of the number of extremes (six). Resist the urge at all costs.

After Wednesday’s battle scene, today will feel almost mystical and magical with a dash of the 25-seven (those who carry this energy are known to have a twinkle in their eye and a magical essence about them aka the Peter Pan Syndrome).

The basis of the seven day is all about truth and authenticity but this particular combo of the seven takes the seriousness out of being the natural scientist who digs deep to reveal truth.

Today, you can believe anything is possible and it sure will be. It’s like a gateway of sorts, allowing you to spread your wings and fly in any direction you’d like. It’s also a playful energy under which you can have a little fun in life for a change. Make a vision board today or write out your goals for the next six months to year and leave logic out of the picture. Write out your master plan as though you were 5 again and believed you could be, do and go anywhere in life — that belief still holds true if you want it to. It’s a me, myself and I day as seven is the hermit, allowing you to sit in contemplative dreamland where the sky is the limit.

Round two has begun as the relationship drama gets a new wind and a surge of confident gusto (double eights again, month equals 8 and sum of entire day reduces to eight). The 26-eight day is the most negative combo of the eight bubbling the brewing drama pot over this week. Tempers flare and opinions are spewed with unbridled passion.

Workwise, beware of sabotagers who want to get one up on you in front of the powers that be. On the personal and social side of things, it’s all about making a scene today and if you don’t want your dirty laundry aired in a public way avoid confrontations with others who have proven themselves to be the actors and actresses in the argument ring. It will make for great people watching though and you’ll be certain to find out the down and dirty around the water cooler today, whether you want to or not. Fly under the radar and remain as passive as you can with your interactions with others.

Love and change are flooding the scene today. It’s the 18-nine (same frequency as the word LOVE) and although it’s the highest change day (nine), the focus and expression of that determined change energy (nine forms head of Arrow of Determination) is through verbal means — verbal self-expression to be exact.

Your determined ambition is expressed through your voice under this gentle humanitarian nine energy. You’ll feel particularly passionate about your ideals and beliefs today and want to take steps to engage and put them into action. The key to harnessing the day’s energy is to express yourself (1 is verbal self-expression number). Find opportunities to talk to as many people as you can about your ideas and plans. Synchronistic events are likely to be at an all-time high today (one is the number of new beginnings, eight is abundance and manifestation and nine is high change), so be sure to watch for the subtle breadcrumbs that will guide you along the path to exactly where you want or need to be.

Michelle Arbeau is an internationally recognized celebrity numerologist, author, inspirational speaker and radio/TV host. She has a Hollywood clientele base that includes “Twilight” vampires, a “Big Bang Theory” actress, “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor, an NBC director, celebrity stylist and many more.

A media favorite and considered an expert in her field, Michelle is frequently a repeat guest on national outlets such as CBC Radio, CTV Morning Live, Breakfast Television and LA Talk Radio. Her newly released books, “The Energy of Words: Use the Vibration to Manifest the Life You Desire” and “Soul Numbers: Decipher the Message from Your Inner Self to Successfully Navigate Life” are the product of combining her love of numbers with her passion for helping others to find purpose, meaning and joy in life. Learn more at

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