Release of new lesbian novel shines spotlight on F/F romance

portrait of a crossroadsBY THESEATTLELESBIAN

Riptide Publishing, a boutique publisher of LGBTQ romance, fiction and erotica, is venturing into F/F romance this month with the press’ first-ever standalone lesbian release, entitled “Portrait of a Crossroads.” “Portrait of a Crossroads,” a New Adult novelette written by Kelly Rand (Ontario) and available through Riptide Publishing here, chronicles the blossoming relationship between Annette, a young woman who has recently lost her father, and her enigmatic neighbor Sadie, a world-weary artist.

Though Riptide Publishing has actively accepted all manner of LGBTQ stories since opening their doors in 2011, recent demand for F/F fiction has helped the press acquire and release stories such as “Portrait of a Crossroads,” which uphold the standard of quality which the press is known for. This speaks also to the larger rising trend of LGBTQ romance as a whole, which is undergoing a renaissance as readers of all genders and orientations discover and delight in the outstanding fiction currently coming from independent publishers such as Riptide. LGBTQ fiction even garnered a recent cover feature in “Library Journal” — the magazine noted specifically that, “The emerging genre of ‘New Adult’ is one to watch” as LGBTQ romance and erotic fiction gain mainstream popularity.


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