Recent violence a ‘backlash’ to wider support for LGBTQ rights?

Rally for marriage equality in Washington DC

Rally in Washington DC (Photo: Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images)


An increase in violence against the LGBT community is the focus of a new report released early this month from the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs. According to the report, the NCAVP “works to prevent, respond to, and end all forms of violence against and within lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and HIV-affected communities.” The report focused on violence that was reported in 2012 and found, perhaps unsurprisingly, that transgender people of color were among the most affected by this rise in violence, but that all LGBT individuals are at a greater risk of violence than they have been in the past.

Some believe that this rise in anti-gay violence is a backlash against the legislation that we have seen passing across the nation, and the uptick in support of gay rights throughout the country. According to, the New York Times did a video interview with the executive director of the New York City Anti-Violence Project after Carson’s shooting and she said that there was no doubt in her mind that the rise in anti-gay violence is a backlash against the winning fight for gay rights. This doesn’t mean we need to stop the conversation; far from it. This means we need to change the conversation. We need to talk more about love and acceptance. We will see a shift in our nation very soon, I hope.


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