‘Real World Ex-Plosion’ star hosts EDEN Pride event

Ari Fitz of MTV's "Real World Ex-Plosion"BY LESBIAN.COM

EDEN San Francisco is blowing up the city for EDEN SF V kicking off San Francisco Pride Weekend with MTV’s “Real World Ex-Plosion” star Ari Fitz who will be hosting the star studded weekend June 26-29, 2014 as an EDEN Eve.

“I’m excited!” said filmmaker and model Ari Fitz, whose real name is Arielle Scott. “EDEN brought Eve the previous year, who’s an amazing artist. I’m thrilled to be a part of the EDEN family.”

Fitz, who is the “the coolest girl in any room,” is one of the most compelling, dynamic, individuals on reality television. The androgynous model and horror filmmaker is a Vallejo native who lived in Oakland before moving into the Real World house on Polk Street in San Francisco. The 25-year-old black lesbian shook up the 29th season of the reality show and her own perception of gender with a frank discussion about gender identity, in particular transgender identity, with some of her friends, including two of EDEN Pride Events’s team members: Chaney Turner, co-producer, and Charleen “Chikun” Caabay, outreach director.

If that isn’t rocking, we don’t know what else is; well, other than the fact that Fitz is one hot Eve heading up EDEN SF V’s Amazonian superhero Eves Angela “Angie” Cirillo and Chynna “Chaneena” Magnampo.

“When we were coming up with the concept for our fifth year anniversary here at EDEN, we wanted to focus and highlight the power each of us and our attendees holds: community power, intellectual power, sexual power and, of course, self empowerment. You will see this theme reflected over and over again throughout our Pride season. I wanted the Eves this year to embody those super powers. I think our style group really took my idea and ran with it absolutely beautifully. We are very excited to have these beautiful and bold women represent EDEN this year,” said Christine De La Rosa, founder and producer of EDEN Pride Events.

Through the years, EDEN SF has brought out star power, such as Grammy award-winning rap artist EVE last year, and showcased emerging talent in the arts, culture and fashion as well as brought a diverse queer women’s and ally community together.

This year’s EDEN’s Eves are excited to host EDEN SF V and celebrate the diversity of the “Gay Mecca” that EDEN represents.

“I love the diversity of women at Eden,” said Fitz. “It’s fun to stumble upon people from various parts of the world all with the same goal: unapologetically living life to its fullest!”

Like Fitz, Cirillo, a 31-year-old Oakland lesbian, loves that EDEN “knows how to throw down a good time” and bring a diverse community together.

Four years ago EDEN SF left an impression on Magnampo.

“I was so mesmerized by how many different cultures of women that were brought together to celebrate universal Pride for the community,” said Magnampo, a 22-year-old bisexual.

Every year EDEN SF just gets better and better, echoed the Eves.

“They are always different and fresh! Such a great time!” said Cirillo, who is dying of the anticipation of what EDEN is planning for San Francisco Pride Weekend this year.

“I always expect big things out of EDEN,” said Cirillo. “Every year it seems to get bigger and better.”

Fitz and Magnampo agreed pointing out that the four nights of women and their friends partying and enjoying life in pride together creates unforgettable memories.

Fitz expects EDEN SF V to create, “The kind of nights that stay with me forever.”

“It’s going to be an incredible, almost awe-inspiring few nights,” she said.

“Everyone should experience it at least once in this lifetime,” added Magnampo.

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