‘Lip Service’ actress Heather Peace is ready to take the U.S. by storm


Heather Peace is a star. The out actor and musician boasts roles on not one but two hit U.K. television series, “Lip Service” and “Waterloo Road,” and her new album, “Fairytales,” is tearing up the indie charts. She’s also a drop-dead gorgeous butch. As steadfast, square-jawed, husky-voiced Detective Sergeant Sam Murray on Lip Service, she looks so hot in a vest it should be a crime. But to talk to the down-to-earth and effortlessly likeable Peace you would never guess it. She may have been Britain’s best-kept lezzie secret, but Peace is about to earn herself a horde of new American fangirls. After two successful seasons in the U.K., the thoroughly addictive “Lip Service,” which follows the lives and loves of a group of thirty-something lesbians in Scotland (think “The L Word” but with sexier accents), has finally made its way here and is now available on Netflix’s streaming service. This incredibly sexy series, with its perfect balance of drama, romance, and humor, is the lezzie show you must track down by any means.

Fortunately, in season two of “Lip Service,” the role of Sam Murray expands from a supporting character — the cuckolded member of a love triangle that includes Cat and Frankie (who many have called the British Shane) — to a full-fledged cast member. “They’ve really built the part,” says Peace. “They go a little bit more into her work stuff and her relationship with her male —you know, straight — partner, which I think is a really interesting dynamic.”

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