‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Lindsey Shaw talks puppy love, butch style

Lindsey Shaw of "Pretty Little Liars"BY HEATHER HOGAN

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Rosewood, Pa., is a place where anything can happen. Time is fluid, owning a shovel is a felony, adrenalized hyperreality is an actual medical diagnosis — and for a while it seemed like the Sapphic gods were just raining down beautiful gay ladies to date the town’s most favored lesbian. One of those gifts from the gods was Paige McCullers. Over the course of three seasons on “Pretty Little Liars,” we have watched her wrestle with accepting her sexuality, wrestle with the decision to come out to her friends and family, and wrestle with her feelings for Emily Fields. Actually, we’ve also watched Paige literally wrestle Emily, right to the bottom of a swimming pool.

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