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What?! It’s the second week of September already?! Time flies when you’re flying by the seat of your pants. August and (so far) September have been a mixed bag of goodies with anything from ah-ha moments to chaotic crisis. At this point, you’ve gotten pretty good at expecting the unexpected but the constant fight or flight mode has your nerves a bit rattled. In need of a pit stop to recharge your battery? You may just find a few crevasses to hide out for a minute but that doesn’t mean this week is going to be easy street. In fact, it’s looking like it will be one of the quirkiest weeks we’ve had in a while (even compared to some parts of August) “Twilight Zone,” here we come!

This week is wasting no time rolling out the full buffet of quirky (mismatched) energies. Today is a 23/5 day, the subdued, even-keeled and much more balanced version of the normally erratic and free-flowing 5 (number of heart/emotions/freedom of expression). Known as the natural counselor (23/5) due to its stable and emotionally support essence, a day like today would typically make us feel soulfully centered and ready to take on the world. However, lurking in the underbelly of the day’s vibe is the volatile inner change 16/7 energy (sum of month and day).

It’s Soap Opera Sunday so do expect at least one shock and awe moment today. Whether it’s via a phone call, email or gossip queen, a piece of life-altering info will likely fall into your field of awareness in the next 24 hours. Not only does 16/7 equal unexpected 180 degree shifts in direction, it’s the 9th month (highest change number) and the 7th day (number of truth/authenticity). If you’re not ready for the cold, hard truth, use the 7 energy in reverse and be the hermit instead of the warrior today. 7 is also known as the deep, philosophical and contemplative number that wants to draw you in for self-reflection.

It’s definitely a Manic Monday as the trend of mixed up, mismatched energies pair up to provide us with amusing and confusing pathways. It’s the number of extremes today, folks (6). That’s right, get up and at ‘em on this beautiful Monday morning. Anything goes when you’ve got the most extreme number ruling the day in the highest change month. 6 has a very strong positive and negative side and it’s best to be careful not to get on its bad side. Set the alarms on high alert for self-sabotage. Be careful how and who you talk to today because your mouth will seem like it’s got its own auto-correct. What you really meant to say may get lost in translation. 6 is also the number of perfection so all your flaws will be highlighted and mirrored back to you by those around you. The key to surviving the day is to not take things so personal. It’s a nit-picky kind of day and it could get ugly out there this Monday.

Depending on how much you can let go and let loose, this Tuesday could be a whole lot of fun. There’s magic in the air with an abundance of big dreamer 9 energy (9th month, 9th day and sum of month/day also reduce to 9) combining to form the most magical form of the 7. The 25/7, sometimes referred to as the “Peter Pan” energy with its fairy-like sparkle, has the potential for miracles to happen and wishes to come true – if you believe. The whole combined essence of the day, with triple big dreamer 9’s and magic-making 25/7 sets the stage for huge creative portal energy. Remember when you were a child and truly believed anything was possible? This is Tuesday’s outlook and the best part is, everyone else will be feeling it too (in one way or another) giving you infinite avenues to make magic and miracles happen today.

If you managed to plant some magical seeds in the right gardens yesterday, you might just find a giant beanstalk sprouted this Wednesday morning. An 8 day (number of abundance) during the highest change month (9) of the year sets the gears in motion to funnel endless potential and opportunities right into your lap. It’s like you’re walking down the yellow brick road and every single person you meet along the way gives you a piece of the puzzle to find your way home to Kansas. The one hurdle is that the puzzle pieces may not be obvious at first. It’s the 10th day of September which is the communication number (10) so pay particularly careful attention to the words being spoken to you and around you. Even if you happen to overhear part of a conversation the boss has with another employee, read between the lines because there’s likely a message somewhere in there for you too. Synchronicities, symbolism and metaphors are all over the place with messages waiting for you to decode today. Keep your eyes, ears and intuition tuned in and on scan mode.

The date of 9-11, of course, has a solemn and sad overtone but it also has a glimmer of love, self-less service and humanitarianism. The latter is exactly what this Thursday brings with the 18/9 day, the same frequency as the word LOVE (18/9), reducing down to the self-less service humanitarian number (9). Today’s energy urges you not to dwell on the past but move forward with a greater, global vision in mind with all you embark upon. As the 11th day, it is the highest spiritual number (11) in the highest change month (9) but 11 reduces to 2 (1+1=2), the number of intuition, sensitivity, peace, harmony and cooperation. Your determination and ambition today is focused on a unified perspective and how you can use your gifts, talents and abilities to change the world. The rose-colored glasses view this energetic combination creates is just what you need to lower your narrow (and often self-absorbed) blinders, catching a rare glimpse of the whole horizon. Perspective is everything.

The end of the work week brings everything full circle. It’s a 10 day, joining the forces of heaven (0) and earth (1), as two of the most polar opposite energies collide to ground and re-center you as the second week of the highest change month of the year winds to a close. Adding the month and the day, we also have the whole and complete (12) number of unity (3) connecting the dots and bringing everything into alignment. Think of today as the equivalent of running a system defrag on your computer. It’s not a day to deal with serious matters and you’d utilize the energies best if you kept the day light and airy. Choose refreshing things that will facilitate the defragmenting of your mind, body and soul connections. Go for a walk on the beach, treat yourself to some retail therapy, book that tropical vacation you’ve been meaning schedule – be good to yourself today. You’re no good to anyone else if you’re scattered in too many places or spread too thin.

Of all the days of the highest change month of September, this Saturday is by far the most practical thus far. No matter how crazy your week was, today you’ll be able to make heads or tails of a good portion of it. Clear the drawing table and get to work on your blueprint for the next year’s goals and aspirations. There’s no better energy combination to plan under than the highest change, big dreamer 9 and the solid, stable foundational 4. Group or team energy is plentiful today and will prove to be your biggest source of guidance in terms of knowing where to precisely place your building blocks for the next several months. If you’re involved in any groups or have a circle of friends you like to chill with, reach out and pull upon your best connections. Roll up your sleeves and get to work – it’s go time. 2015 is an 8 year, the number of abundance and manifestation. The most prepared will be the most successful.

Michelle Arbeau is an internationally recognized celebrity numerologist, author, inspirational speaker and radio/TV host. She has a Hollywood clientele base that includes “Twilight” vampires, a “Big Bang Theory” actress, “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor, an NBC director, celebrity stylist and many more.

A media favorite and considered an expert in her field, Michelle is frequently a repeat guest on national outlets such as CBC Radio, CTV Morning Live, Breakfast Television and LA Talk Radio. Her newly released books, “The Energy of Words: Use the Vibration to Manifest the Life You Desire” and “Soul Numbers: Decipher the Message from Your Inner Self to Successfully Navigate Life” are the product of combining her love of numbers with her passion for helping others to find purpose, meaning and joy in life. Learn more at

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