Oklahoma lawmaker proposes ban on all marriage


You know that Oscar Wilde quote, “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life”? Well sometimes life imitates The Onion and makes you want to Hulk-smash everything.

In response to a court decision that held that it was illegal to ban marriages between same-sex couples in Oklahoma, a state lawmaker wants to get rid of marriage for everyone in the state. Apparently, Rep. Mike Turner’s constituents are ready to have this discussion. This is 100 percent real. In order to keep gay people from marrying, actual lawmakers are proposing we eliminate marriage entirely.

Turner isn’t just blowing smoke, either, though critics are calling it a publicity stunt. He submitted a bill. Turner has also called for a second vote to ban same-sex marriage, even though, as mentioned previously, a court ruled that the ban was unconstitutional. He said it would give anti-marriage equality lawmakers “an arrow in the quiver.” I’m guessing that means that he wants to give an opportunity for their bigoted bona fides to shine in time for the next election.

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