Homosexuality finally legalized in all of Europe

Rainbow flagBY JANE EISNER

The Northern part of Cyprus decriminalized homosexuality on Monday, January 27; the region was the last territory in Europe to consider homosexual acts to be a criminal offense. In addition to ending the criminalization of same-sex relationships, the new Decriminalisation of Homosexuality Bill, will also set in place protections for the LGBT community. The bill prohibits the hate speech against gay and lesbian individuals and also protects against discrimination on the basis of gender and sexuality in regards to public services.

A member of the LGBT Intergroup, Marina Yannakoudakis added her hope that Cyprus’ new progressive piece of legislation will send a message to Uganda and Nigeria, two countries which recently passed laws criminalizing homosexual activity. She wants the example of Cyprus to show them that “the anti-gay legacy of Britain’s colonial past should be scrapped and not strengthened.”

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  1. Sally

    Let’s hope that the fascists who’ve crawled out of the dungheaps since the collapse of the USSR don’t manage to turn the clock back.


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