Michigan lesbian couple challenge state ban on gay marriage

Lesbian Couple and their family

April DeBoer, L, her partner Jayne, R, and their three children.
Photo credit: Detroit Free Press, Patrica Beck / AP


A Detroit area-based lesbian couple currently battling Michigan’s ban on adoption by unmarried couples will go one step further by entering the local fight for same-sex marriage.

As The Detroit News is reporting, April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse — who earlier this year filed a civil rights lawsuit to change their state’s law barring same-sex couples from adopting — announced plans to amend their complaint during a Sept. 7 news conference. They are now challenging Gov. Richard Snyder, Attorney General Bill Schuette and Oakland County Clerk Bill Bullard Jr. to declare Michigan’s ban on gay marriage unconstitutional, in addition to asking for the right to adopt as a same-sex couple, according to the Detroit Free Press.

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