Zach Wahls speaks at DNC

Zach Wahls and Moms pose for NoH8

Zach Wahls and his two moms pose for the NoH8 Campaign.
Photo credit: Adam Bouska

Huffington Post Gay Voices

Zach Wahls, who rose to Internet stardom with a moving plea before the Iowa legislature on behalf of gay marriage, spoke Thursday at the Democratic National Convention.  Wahls had addressed the Iowa legislature last year as it debated marriage equality and told the story of being brought up by two mothers. Video of his testimony went viral. After the first wave of viewership died down, Upworthy gave it another boost, and the video has since been viewed more than 20 million times.

“Governor Romney says he’s against same-sex marriage because every child deserves a mother and a father,” Wahls said Thursday night, according to his prepared remarks. “I think every child deserves a family as loving and committed as mine.”

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