Loving Annabelle

Up and comer Erin Kelly stars as Annabelle, a precocious senator’s daughter who falls in love with her teacher Simone (gorgeous Diane Gaidry) at a conservative Catholic girls boarding school. Inspired by the classic lesbian drama “Maedchen in Uniform,” lesbian writer-director Katherine Brooks deftly navigates this passionate tale of forbidden love.

Saint Theresa’s popular young poetry teacher Simone Bradley finds peace and security inside the boarding school walls. In a lush atmosphere with little conflict, Simone has settled into a life of comfort and purpose educating her young female students. The charismatic and enchanting new student Annabelle quickly draws attention for her rebellious behavior. Fearing Annabelle will influence the other students, rigid Headmistress (Ilene Graff) instructs Simone to pay special attention to Annabelle to get her under control. Quickly, Simone learns that the real challenge is not Annabelle’s behavior, but their budding attraction. As Annabelle pursues her teacher, she unleashes the passion locked deep inside Simone, who must decide whether or not to enter an affair that could cost her everything.


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