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Elena Undone kissBY JAN LEE
certified hypnotist and nurse
Jan Lee Hypnosis
for Lesbian.com

Hypnosis is all about letting go. Do you remember the last time you were lost in an amazing experience? You zoned out. Your logical (conscious) mind was on hold. Time flew. You couldn’t believe an hour or two had passed? That’s hypnosis!

My clients have described it as being detached, deeply relaxed, drifting away, almost sleeping, so focused on my voice that other sounds were not a distraction. I hypnotized a college student whose cat crawled along my shoulders, curled up on her lap and remained there for the 45 minutes. Yes, I think the cat was hypnotized. No, I did not charge the client double. Many of my clients don’t want to “emerge” from hypnosis. They like the escape.

There are physical changes as well, like slow breathing, heavy eyes, tingling fingers, relaxed hands and feet, feeling molded to the chair or floating or detachment from physical body. Each person’s experience is unique because each person is unique.

The induction, the process that guides you to open your subconscious mind, will be tailored to you based on what helps you relax, what kind of induction will get you there and what words and rhythm are needed based on your issues.

Logical analytical people may need a stronger induction. Relaxing physically may be easy. Relaxing mentally may be more challenging, so I may need to use a different approach.

Here’s an example of an induction for a person who is not so analytical:

“You are more relaxed physically than you may have been in a long time. Now, I will help you relax mentally. Begin at the number 100 and slowly count backwards (outloud) until those numbers just fade away. You don’t see them clearly anymore, You don’t sense them. Start with the idea that you will allow them to fade away and with each number you say, you relax more. Deeper relaxed. By the time you reach 95 or 94, those numbers will just fade away so that the numbers following just won’t be there. Nod your head when that happens.”

It is no failure if my client counts all the way back to one. So far, no one has gotten into negative numbers. It means there is interruption by the conscious mind. The client may be analytical and need an induction that is more complex to cause the conscious mind to drift away. You know, counting sheep before bed is a kind of hypnotic exercise where the logical mind does this repetitive thing, gives up, drifts away and sleep happens.

A logical person may ask, “Why am I counting these sheep? Am I the shepherd? What if I lose count? I’m not a shepherd!”

Here’s an example of an induction for an analytical person:

“You are more relaxed physically than you may have been in a long time. Now, I will help you relax mentally. Your strong logical mind will drift away leaving your deeper subconscious mind open to all these positive suggestions. It’s OK to let that busy mind that thinks and analyzes all the time rest. Now, imagine you see the number 100 on your computer screen. Make the number 100 whatever color you want. Say the number 100 outloud. Allow it to fade. First, the color fades, then the lines fade until the number disappears from the screen. You see the number 99, say the number 99 outloud and slowly the color fades, the lines fade and it disappears from the screen. You see the number 98 and say the number 98 out loud and allow it to fade.” I talk to the client slowly and firmly, directing her to continue to count these numbers down and say the numbers while going deeper down as each number fades.

When the client is physically and mentally relaxed and the numbers have faded away, I begin to have them see, hear, smell, touch and sense a place that helps them go deeper into trance (meaning hypnotic state, not a zombie state where you emerge and realize you have eaten five of your best friends).

Positive suggestions are given to an open accepting subconscious mind. The induction, the suggestions, the emergence of my client varies in time, but the amazing thing is that most clients will experience a time warp. They may feel it was 10 minutes and be surprised it was much longer. This is a classic sign of having been hypnotized. Sense of time is lost.

Do you remember the last time you engaged in blissful hypnotic lovemaking and time was lost? OK, if you don’t remember, remedy that.

Suggestion: Engage (no, not like that you crazy Trekkies) in blissful, hypnotic lovemaking and you will naturally let go of that busy mind and just be.

If that is not going to happen, at least try for a very long, hot kiss, like in Nicole Conn’s “Elena Undone.” Hypnotic? Hell, yeah. Even if you just watch a kiss like that.

Next time, I’ll talk more on about happens after the session. How do you know if it worked? Do you need more sessions? What spells success? If problems continue, what could be done differently? Is the hypnotist for real? Should I call the one near Pittsburgh? That’s me. Until next time, relax and focus and kiss, long and with much passion.

Jan Lee is a certified hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists. She is also a psychiatric nurse with over 25 years of experience. Jan Lee Hypnosis offers individual and group hypnosis sessions and presentations. It was founded on the principle that health improves when we use our own innate ability to heal.

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