Did you kiss her?

Woman with hand on head and eyes closedBY JAN LEE
certified hypnotist and nurse
Jan Lee Hypnosis
for Lesbian.com

If you read my last article and followed my suggestion, you kissed her (your wife, partner, lover or curious friend) and it was blissful. You lost yourself in the passion of a kiss. Losing yourself in any experience is hypnotic.

Let’s imagine I am your hypnotist:

The most powerful thing you can do in our session is to lose yourself, let go of conscious thought and listen to my voice, coaxing you into the deeper part of your mind that is rich with all your memories, quirks, habits, fears, inspiring messages and self-defeating beliefs. (It’s the latter I will help you whittle away).

When you emerge from hypnosis, you will probably experience a time warp (again, my Trekkies, not a literal wormhole where Picard could travel back and tell Kirk to buy a more stylish uniform).

How will you know our session was successful?

You throw your last pack of smokes away. You stop being bullied at work by that boss who is the opposite of Simon Roberts. You crave water, water, water (I’m repeating because a craving is a repetitive want) and every time you touch, watch, drink or think water, the tendency to ingest a Twinkie is washed away. You have a new spark of confidence that lifts you up. Your fear of driving, flying, test-taking, lovemaking, canines, spiders, heights, small spaces and gross zombie faces is gone. You find some peace in chaos, a light in the darkness. Your performance as an athlete improves. You manage pain with the power of your mind.

Simply stated, you change for the better.

Your thoughts, feelings, behaviors related to the problem change. Before hypnosis, you smoked a cigarette without thinking and now all the powerful suggestions are planted deeply, taking root in your subconscious mind. Imagine you have the fresh aroma of non-smokey hair, clothes, breath and car. Imagine the efficient breathing to get you up past the knees of Lady Liberty or even up your own stairs, the savings of thousands of dollars per year you had spent on dying sooner, the freedom of being out of the cross-hairs of the Nazi anti-smoker employer, the knowledge of how happy you have made the people who have begged you to quit.

That’s all possible when you harness the power of your mind.

Jan Lee is a certified hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists. She is also a psychiatric nurse with over 25 years of experience. Jan Lee Hypnosis offers individual and group hypnosis sessions and presentations. It was founded on the principle that health improves when we use our own innate ability to heal.

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