Lesbian couple wins condom-sponsored dream wedding contest

Amanda Ortiz and Rachel Murphy

Amanda Ortiz and Rachel Murphy


Amanda Ortiz and Rachel Murphy may not necessarily use NuVo Condoms, but they most certainly won’t forget them. Ortiz and Murphy were the lucky winners of NuVo Condoms’ all-expense paid dream wedding at New York City PrideFest this year.

Here is their original contest entry:

“My incredibly gorgeous fiancé Rachel Murphy and I are going to win this contest. Our lives came together in 2008 while in high school in Florida. She came from Missouri and I came from New Jersey. Both of us encountered many issues before meeting each other. Since then the past seems to be a blur of my mother’s suicide, her loss of a home, my step father’s death, and her mother falling into the deep pits of alcohol. We enlisted in the United States Army together in 2010. Since 2009 we have been on our own and making it through the lowest of low to being able to provide a place for us to live. Neither of our families can actually help us out with a wedding and this opportunity is indescribable in so many ways (since all of our money is going for Med School). This would honestly be a dream come true and we can finally become Amanda and Rachel Ortiz-Murphy.”

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