Lesbian break-up playlist: 5 songs to get you from ‘angry’ to ‘over it’

Lesbian break upBY CANDY PARKER

We launched our lesbian playlist series with “passion.” Now it’s time to move on to the opposite end of the spectrum with our essential “break-up” playlist. These five tunes serve as the perfect soundtrack for getting from” angry” to “over it.”

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“Untouchable Face” — Ani DiFranco

We’re hopping into our way back machine for this one, heading to 1996 when DiFranco made this the first cut on her “Dilate” CD. The lyrics are most certainly NSFW, but when the woman you want now wants someone else, well, it’s not always pretty now is it?

“Creep” — Brandi Carlile

Carlile’s cover of this Radiohead classic is pure you-think-you’re-too-good-for-me gold. “You’re so %#$*! special. I wish I was special.” Crank it up, sing along and let go of that anger.

“Some Kinda Nerve” — Melissa Ferrick

This tune is off Ferrick’s “Freedom” release and offers the ideal retort to the former lover now experiencing second thoughts. “You’ve got some kind of nerve/coming back here for more/like i’m just going drop everything i’m doing/so you can humiliate me a little more.” And that’s just the first couple of lines.

“Gravity” — Sara Bareilles

So you’re past the anger stage and just begging the universe to help you let go and move on. Put Bareilles on repeat and feel the weight being lifted every time she hits that high note near the end. The song is even better than the Oscar-nominated film of the same name and definitely more healing after a painful break-up.

“Heal Me” — Melissa Etheridge

Congratulations! You made it. You realized that a broken heart doesn’t mean the world has ended. Etheridge had that same epiphany in this song from “Skin,” arguably one of her best CDs.

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