kd lang marries male guitarist


kd lang has tied the knot with longtime guitarist from her band the Siss Boom Bang, Joe Piaspia. The couple wed on Sunday in a private ceremony in her hometown of Consort, Alberta, Canada.

The couple is crossing the border for a two week honeymoon in Niagara Falls.

“Joe and I have been playing together a long time. We finally made it official,” the Grammy winner and officer of the Order of Canada said in a statement released on Monday. “He’s lent his legendary finger-picking to all my albums. Now, I can enjoy it any time.”

Addressing her lesbian fans, lang said, “My constant craving for women subsided in late 2012 when I sang ‘Constant Craving’ for the 100,000th time. I looked over at Joe in the middle of that song and I felt a new craving.”

Further, lang warns, “Anyone who wants to remain a lesbian should cease listening to ‘Constant Craving’ immediately. ”

lang, who came out publicly in 1992, dated “The L Word” star Leisha Hailey for five years. She split with girlfriend of eight years, Jamie Price, in early 2012.

Raised in the small town of Consort with three siblings, two of whom are gay, she said, “My mom is so thrilled to have the kids back at 50-50, she said ‘Happy April Fool’s Day, Lesbian.com!”

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  1. gin

    You got me on this one. I took it hook line and sink….. Just SO glad to find out it was a joke as I felt my anger at her rising the more I read. I respect choices anyone wants to make with their life…..but the damage this would have done to the L cause…was too much of a heavy price.


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