Jitters & Bliss coffee abandons partnership with anti-gay NOM

Coffee company abandons failed partnership with anti-gay NOMBY ZACK FORD

Christian-affiliated Jitters & Bliss coffee recently attempted to profit off of a partnership with the National Organization for Marriage because of the group’s boycott of Starbucks over its support of marriage equality. J&B would offer a special discount to its customers if they used the code word “marriage” and make donations to NOM in exchange for “free” press. J&B’s Facebook page was overwhelmed with negative comments about the partnership as well as countering pro-equality comments, all of which were deleted and the users blocked from the page. Ultimately, the page was removed from public view entirely for several days.

Jitters & Bliss has restored their page, and in comments on the page made clear that its relationship with NOM is officially over after just one week

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