Is she a summer fling or the real thing?

Lacey and Jessica's wedding in Puerto Vallarta. (Photo via

Could your sumer fling turn to true love? (Photo via

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There is a stigma about summer flings that forces us to shut down the thought of turning Ms. Summer into Ms. Long Term Partner. The summer fling–it’s hot, it’s thrilling, and it’s inevitable. It’s also free of drama, hassles, and commitment. Being in the vacation mindset allows us to take things lightly and see things from a positive perspective. You and your “fling mate” have the best time together, there’s no arguing, you’re wildly attracted to each other, and you seem to be on the same page about everything.  So why wouldn’t  you want to see if a fling can be extended into the cold months rapidly approaching?

If you met Miss Fling 2013 over Memorial Day, you may now be contemplating the fate of your fling. Before you call 1-800-UHAUL, here are a few ways to determine if the fling could be the “real thing.”

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