The breakup files: Ex-it interviews

Heart cookie break upBY MICHELLE ALEXANDER
Tagg Magazine

When you quit a corporate job, a company will usually conduct an Exit Interview to see how they could have made your time there a better, more enjoyable experience. I had a friend quit a job recently. She was unhappy for a long time. She always complained about the way she was treated, the lack of development and upward mobility, and the constant micro managing. Sometimes you have to let it all out, so I really hoped she would get an exit interview.

My writer’s light bulb immediately brightens up as I thought what if our relationship break-ups had exit interviews? Do you think our egos, tempers, and emotions could handle having a raw conversation about the real issues and why the relationship went south? Could you sit face-to-face, eye-to-eye and be honest outside of the angry shouting matches that occur with a lot of break ups? This would be quite an amazing opportunity for the improvement in your next relationship.


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