Is ex-gay therapy a free speech issue?

Woman holding sign that says "Ex-gay = harmful hoax"BY STEVE WILLIAMS

The simple answer to whether there is a First Amendment right to offer ex-gay therapy should, of course, be no. The long answer is that a California judge is going to put the idea on trial because he believes there may be unintended consequences from California’s ban on ex-gay therapy for under 18′s.

Federal Judge: Banning Ex-Gay Therapy May Violate the 1st Amendment

When earlier this year California passed a ban on exposing minors to ex-gay therapy the law was hailed as a landmark. For the first time in the US a state had made provisions to protect children from efforts to change their sexuality. However, ex-gay therapists soon brought legal suits to try and block the law from coming into effect on January 1, saying that it violates their freedom of speech and the right for parents to decide what is best for their children. Gay rights groups assumed these cases would get thrown out without much trouble. They were wrong.


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