How to get back in the dating game

Computer keyboard with love on the enter keyBY MEGHANN NOVINSKIE AND KIM ROSENBERG
Tagg Magazine

All of us have been single (and frustrated) at some point during our adult lives. As mature women, we’ve had significant relationships at various stages of our lives, and find ourselves becoming more and more selective when it comes to dating and finding a mate. Rightfully so. Some of us celebrate being single, considering who is “out there,” and anticipate the first strong connection made with someone new. For others, being single is dreaded, and the idea of dating again can be extremely daunting. Regardless of how you see yourself in your “single mirror” there are a few crucial steps to consider before putting on your dating shoes.

First, don’t be closed minded. Sometimes a mediocre first date opens the doors to meeting someone truly interesting. Dating should be fun and an experience that you look forward to. Remember that dating is a bit like a sport — once you jump back in the game after being benched for a while, time is the only thing that will make the process easier and feel more natural. Consider dating someone for a bit before calling U-Haul and giving your landlord your 30-day notice. Feel it out. We only grow stronger as couples as we experience things together. A handful of hot nights don’t necessarily create a true bond. There are plenty of single women out there in the same boat as you — trying dating again after years of coupledom (trust us, we know), so don’t jump into “two cats and a yard” too quick.


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