Love life: Things I thought I would never try

woman snowboarding with rainbow gogglesBY KATY RAY

Some call it love. Others call it desperation. One minute you’re jumping into a relationship and the next you’re jumping out of an airplane, sliding down a snow mountain, or lying in a bathtub somewhere while your partner does things to you that only babies should have the right to do. For some inexplicable reason, we all end up doing things we never thought we would do or even thought we could do, all in the name of “true love”.

I once dated a girl who loved snowboarding more than anything, including me. After one trip with her I went out and bought over one thousand dollars worth of snowboarding equipment. I invested so much into this sport because I thought I was investing in our relationship. I have masked a sour face as I tried, time after time, to fall not only for the girl I was dating, but also for the bourbon she asked me to try. Well, six tattoos and three piercings later, it’s safe to say my investment capital yielded very little return, and the collateral damage incurred throughout the entire relationship nearly destroying my bank account, my liver and my soul.


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