Her cheating heart: How to rebuild after a partner strays

Woman holding broken heartBY MICHAEL RADKOWSKY
Washington Blade

Although we’re a committed couple, Ellen was seeing someone on the side for a brief time. I found out through a text message I happened to see and confronted her. She was very forthcoming and gave me an explanation that was slightly comforting.  The affair started when I was out of town for two months on business and it was a purely physical attraction to someone at the gym.

She has apologized a lot, has given me her passwords so I can keep an eye on her, but although she seems contrite and I am monitoring her communications, I feel very uneasy about her commitment to me. I’m starting to get paranoid, wondering if she has another phone or email account and I find myself worried about what might happen next, without my knowing about it. As a result, I am keeping my distance, which isn’t good for our relationship, of course. How can I trust her not to hurt me again so that we can move on?

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