My girlfriend can’t stop talking to her ex

woman covering her earsBY KATHY BELGE
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Dear Lesbian Life:

My girlfriend, Rosie, of a year is awesome, we have a really good relationship, share loads of interests in common, want the same things out of life and feel we can really make a go of things.

I have a problem with her last ex of nine years. They broke up over 18 months ago. Just a few months ago this ex was messaging Rosie saying how much she misses her, then things like she’d had an accident, cut herself, etc. (She self-harmed when they were together.) It made Rosie feel horribly guilty and she had to tell her on more than one occasion that this was not appropriate. Thankfully those messages seem to have stopped but she still hears from her pretty much every weekend asking her to meet up, which she declines mostly.

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