‘Girl Sex 101’ offers unique resource for lesbians

Girl Sex 101 artworkBY JAMES NICHOLS
Huffington Post Gay Voices

“Girl Sex 101” is an innovative and unique project created and spearheaded by Allison Moon and illustrated by kd diamond. Described as “a road trip in a book,” “Girl Sex 101” seeks to combine fiction, comics and sex education as a resource for queer women in a way that no other sex education tool has done before.

Moon notes that “Girl Sex 101” embodies “feminist, pleasure-positive, and consent-oriented sex education to help women of all orientations and experience levels understand their bodies and those of their partners.” It also features the opinions, expertise and experiences of over a dozen educators in order to make “Girl Sex 101” an expansive and inclusive resource for all queer women, regardless of how they identify.

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