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Saint Harridan

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Mary Going and her wife, Martha Rynberg both strongly believe in pursuing one’s passions. Going herself is an entrepreneur and social activists with an MBA from Lorry I. Lokey Graduate School of Business at Mills College. Her drive for success catapulted her on the path that she created Saint Harridan which produces a designer line of suits that will revolutionize the way queer and lesbian women dress. The name Saint Harridan in full means ‘patron and mannish woman’ respectively. And that is what Going’s mission was all about.

According to Going, Saint Harridan is about breaking the glass partition between the Men’s and Women’s departments and exposing the fiction of binary gender. That’s what makes the company unique. That’s what makes it important, because Saint Harridan is providing a choice. “We’ve heard so many stories form people who say they don’t full participate in their lives because they feel uncomfortable with their clothing options,” she says. “Our mission isn’t simply about clothing. It’s about having access to garments that make you look like you.”

This March and April Saint Harridan will be popping up stores in 6-8 US cities to feel out the public.

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