Finding asexuality on the queer spectrum

Asexual flag

Asexual flag


Within the LGBT community, the “A” of some of the longer acronyms, LGBTQQ2IA* and QUILTBAG, sometimes stands for “asexual” (for others, it stands for “ally”) but there’s a debate about whether or not asexuality is inherently queer. Sexuality is a spectrum that includes homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality, pansexuality and many other identities, queer or not. Only recently has the internet provided means for enough people who self-identify as asexual to connect to form communities, and like the LGBT community, hope to achieve visibility and find acceptance.

Asexuals are an exception to the “rule,” by definition experiencing very little or no sexual attraction or interest in sex.It should be noted that asexuality is not a description of a behavior or choice, as abstinence is, but a simple lack of sexual desire. While some asexuals are also aromantic—completely uninterested in romantic relationships—others consider themselves homoromantic, biromantic, or heteroromantic and want a life partner for the love and companionship, but not the sex.


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