Self-indulgence, drama and moments of truth as September hits high gear

Life by the Numbers headerBY MICHELLE ARBEAU
Celebrity Numerologist

You knew it was coming since the highest change month of the year is poised to bring the most raw and real of change in the year of the truth-seeker (2014 is the 7, the number of truth). The second half of September is full of pivotal change moments, apocalyptic moments of drama and truth as well as ah-ha moments that will set the stage for the months ahead. This is it. The pivoting point into greater and bigger things ahead as 2015 approaches, the year of manifestation and abundance. The remainder of 2014 will prepare you to take the bull by the horns and get ‘ur done in a big way in the coming year. It’s go time!

Oh yeah, baby. It’s about time! Today’s your day to be totally self-indulgent and self-absorbed. You’re not going to get an A for effort this Sunday but no one is judging you. It’s been a heck of a ride these past few months and you’ve more than earned your day to be a cat in the sunshine. It’s a 20/2 day, the number containing the least amount of giddy-up when it comes to outer action. Not only that, the month and day reduces to a 4 (9+1+3=13, 1+3=4) which is the materialistic number (retail therapy?). If you’re one of the lucky few that can easily shift gears from go-getter to couch potato, the guilt factor associated with a “me” day isn’t an issue but for the rest of us, additional props may be required. Turn off any work-related computers and cell phones and store them out of sight (out of sight, out of mind). Write yourself a sticky note that says “It’s all about me today” and put it in your pocket. When the urge to get up and do something “productive” comes over you, pull out the note and read aloud. Repeat as many times as necessary to remove any lingering guilt. Believe it or not, a completely off the grid day will do wonders for your mind, body and soul.

What could happen when the social butterfly number (3) joins forces with the freedom of expression number (5)? Anything goes this Monday and experiences could run the gamut from totally being on your social A-game to the apocalyptic drama situations that could make an episode of Dallas look like easy street. Thank-goodness you took Sunday to regroup and recharge because you’re going to need it today. Even if you manage to keep on the lighter energies of today, be prepared to at least be an innocent witness to someone else’s blowout. Baring witness to another’s downfall could drain some of your recharge so be careful not to step into their world. Detachment is the name of the game. Remember, 3 in the positive wants to keep it light and sunny while the positive 5 wants to be free to go with the flow. If you can swing it, a beach day might be in order since it’s in perfect alignment with the day’s vibe and is one of the least likely places drama might be lurking.

Creativity is in full swing today (6 day) but the best part is, the Master Builder number is also in the house (22/4). Creative ideas remain only ideas unless there’s a physical avenue of expression to bring them to fruition. Now’s your chance to lock and load some of your best brain gems and get a head start on some of your plans for 2015. This Tuesday could be likened to planting beanstalk seeds that will soon grow into giant stalks of monumental proportions. When the practical and big-building Master Builder 22/4 pairs with the number of creativity, it’s a recipe for incredible strides forward. Take aim, take action and enjoy the eagle’s eye few as you set the pendulum in motion. Relish the satisfaction of knowing your visions are taking shape and have the potential to likely be bigger than you could have dreamed. Relationship connections of all kinds are pivotal to your success. We’re here to engage and interact with others, that’s where the key to success lies.

Here we go…this is the energy of September we’ve been waiting for. Combining with the highest change month (9) is the volatile, inner change, turn-the-page, ah-ha moment 16/7 day but the entire essence of this Wednesday is actually the free-flowing freedom of expression 5. Whoa…that’s a whole lot of change energy on every level! If there was ever a day to feel like you could do and be anything, it’s today. It’s gonna feel like the moment of truth and in every sense, it is. How the day’s events unfold could very well set the stage for the next 3-6 months so it’s crucial to remain mindful of what you think, say and do. It may be tempting to hold your breath and not say/do but the truth is, the day is calling you to take the leap, regardless of the outcome. It’s make or break this Wednesday so go for it: This is it!

They say hindsight is 20/20 and this is exactly what Thursday is offering but it’s not in a taunting way. Thursday wants to show you that sometimes you can’t see the whole staircase, you just have to take the first step. The highest change month of the year (9) combines with the confident number of knowledge, wisdom and confidence (8, sum of month/day) and the creative visionary number to allow you to see the bigger, broader picture (6). Expect everything to come into perspective in a big way today. It’s your chance to connect your own dots and feel the confidence in your decisions. You know what you need and want more than anyone so it’s time to come to terms with your choices and decide if they’re truly resonating with your heart and soul. If they’re not, you know it’s time to let them go and release it. As the goal-oriented year of 2015 approaches, it becomes pertinent that you cut any loose ends that no longer serve your highest potential. It’s time to trim the fat in all areas of your life.

Keeping with the momentum of the week, this Friday is ultra-high change and all about in-your-face truth. It’s a double whammy 9 (9th month, 9th day, 1+8=9) and the entire day reduces to 7, the number of truth, authenticity and the most active physical plane number (leap first, think later). Expect some raw and real moments that will leave you feeling like it’s time shift direction rather drastically (but with motives in the right place as the day actually vibrates to the same frequency as the word LOVE, 18/9). In particular, it’s about cleaning up unresolved relationship connections. You’ll get your answer today as to whether you should or shouldn’t be moving forward with a particular acquaintance (from business to romance). The writing is on the wall and it’s the right opportunity to make a clean break because for the first time, you’ll both be able to see clearly the “why”.

Your achievement hinges on your communication skills today. It’s a day of abundance and manifestation but only if you can walk the walk and talk the talk. The sum of the day/month is a 10, the communication number but there’s also double 9’s (highest change number) and the entire date adds to 8 which is a no-fail energy in relation to going after our goals with gusto. Be very mindful of your thoughts/actions because there could be a quick turn of energy into the negative form as the number combinations are poised to flip into their negative form. 9 can be black and white, right and wrong (justice-seeking) and the entire sum of the day is the most negative form of the 8 (with the number of extremes 6 in the inner or weaker position in the 26/8). The right words could get you everywhere while the wrong ones could get you nowhere today (or worse still, several steps backward). Be a man (or a woman of your word) and speak from the heart rather than the mind today. If you focus on speaking from a place of truthful expression, you’ll guarantee a positive outcome for all concerned.

Michelle Arbeau is an internationally recognized celebrity numerologist, author, inspirational speaker and radio/TV host. She has a Hollywood clientele base that includes “Twilight” vampires, a “Big Bang Theory” actress, “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor, an NBC director, celebrity stylist and many more.

A media favorite and considered an expert in her field, Michelle is frequently a repeat guest on national outlets such as CBC Radio, CTV Morning Live, Breakfast Television and LA Talk Radio. Her newly released books, “The Energy of Words: Use the Vibration to Manifest the Life You Desire” and “Soul Numbers: Decipher the Message from Your Inner Self to Successfully Navigate Life” are the product of combining her love of numbers with her passion for helping others to find purpose, meaning and joy in life. Learn more at

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