Don’t take your wedding too casually

Lesbian weddingBY SHANN CARR

A number of lesbian couples that I’ve married have showed up in cargo shorts and sandals. I’m not a diva, but I admit I found it sad.

Crocks are less “I do” and more “I do not care.”

Even if you’ve been together for 20 years and you always wear cargo shorts and sandals, getting married is something really special. Honor yourself, each other and lesbians everywhere by putting on something thoughtful, clean and at least a little bit special.

Plan a honeymoon even if you are the two busiest people in the world. It is a gift to yourselves to take even a few days to celebrate and focus on this most amazing thing that has happened to you. If you only to go two small towns over and stay at a little B&B, make a special effort to settle into this next stage in your relationship.

If your families have not met each other, go to the trouble of having a dinner or cocktail party the day before. The wedding day itself is always a little more scattered and it is nice for families to have a day to put together the pieces of who is who and is related to whom.

Shann Carr is a comedian and wedding officiant based in Palm Springs.

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