DJ Tatiana

Born in Madrid and based in Denver, Colorado, Eden Entertainment Group artist, DJ Tatiana, is an established International female DJ with over 20 years in the industry.

Her passion for music, international travel and an undeniable energy that draws crowds to the dance floor, has placed DJ Tatiana into a class of her own making her one of the most sought-after DJ’s in the game.

Tatiana’s experience traveling the world has allowed her to become fluent in different genres and sounds including hip hop, top 40 remixes, moombahton, house, Latin and circuit. Her honed DJ skills, mass following and extensive music library that knows no borders, allows her to play to any crowd. She currently has residencies at The Church Nightclub, Club Vinyl, Tracks, First Fridays, and DRLO Live.

Aside from these residencies, former Billboard DJ, Tatiana has headlined festivals all over the world including NYC Pride, Euro Pride, World Pride (Madrid), Boston Pride, Puerto Rico Pride, Boquerón Pride, Denver Pride, Buenos Aires Pride, Canada Pride, Aqua Girl Miami, Global Dance Fest, EDC, Stripper Circus, New York Fashion Week, Club Papi Events, Caribe Hilton & La Concha NYE, The White Party Palm Springs, and Ascension in NYC.

What song can you not get enough of right now?
I’m obsessed with X by Nicky Jam x Balvin. it’s simple but so sexy and has some incredible remixes! DJ Snake’s Magenta Riddim is a close second because it combines worldwide rhythm and flavor with beats that are part Caribbean riddim and part trap-dance!

Window or aisle seat on the airplane?
Definitely isle! Touring as an international DJ, it feels at times as if I live on a plane. I need to be able to get up and walk around, especially on those long flights home to Madrid!

Tell us one thing about you that most people probably don’t know, but you’re willing to share.
I lived in five countries before I was 18, including the United States. Originally from Madrid, I was shipped to boarding school in Virginia when I was just 13 (although I didn’t mind much because it is where I met my first girlfriend)!

Do you have a hidden talent? Do tell!
I play Spanish guitar — but only for a select few people.

Early bird or night owl?
I come alive in the night time! I’ve been knows to work on my music until all hours of the night with the help of my sugar free red bull.

Finish this sentence. “I think the key to being happy is…”
doing what your heart says without hurting people!

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