Her Story: Trans & Queer Stories Told By Trans & Queer Women



Things have been slowly improving for us queer folks in the past few years. Marriage equality, numerous small but important battles waged and dialogues started on social media. On our screens, from OITNB to Transparent, we’ve been seeing a lot more trans characters of late. That transgender tipping point Time Magazine wrote about last year seems to be a reality. We have a long way to go, but queer and trans visibility is better than it ever has been. The stories being told, however, tend to come from the pens on non-queer writers and directors, the characters often played by non-queer actors. If you’re thinking it’s high time we told our own stories, prepare to get very excited…

“At its core, this project accomplishes what we feel is most important right now for trans and queer content. From writing, to directing, to acting, to crew, Her Story tells the stories of trans and queer individuals by trans and queer individuals.” Her Story Team

Her Story is an upcoming web series all about the dating lives of trans & queer women as they “navigate the intersections of desire & identity”. Executive produced by feminist firebrand Eve Ensler and directed by Sydney Freeland (Drunktown’s Finest), the show stars and was written by Jen Richards of I Am Cait and (swoon) Laura Zak, of #HASHTAG fame. Zak plays Allie, a curious reporter researching a story on the trans experience and Richards plays her subject, guarded LA new-comer Violet. With a very cool supporting cast, including Angelica Ross as top LAMBDA attorney Paige and Kam Kardashian herself Fawzia Mirza, and a trailer that makes it look slick, powerful and beautifully acted, this promises to be pretty awesome viewing.

“We wanted to bring to life human experiences and characters that have previously been underrepresented, and make it available to the audience that might not have access to an online subscription.” Her Story Team

Principal photography on the hour-long pilot concluded in May but the team have taken to Indiegogo to fund post-production costs. They are currently only $7, 000 off their goal of $35,000, and with 18 days still to go, it looks like they’ll reach it. Among the perks available for your tax deductible donation is a coffee date with one of the cast and crew, of your choice! Hey Laura, mine’s an Americano, milk on the side…

Francesca Lewis is a queer feminist writer from Yorkshire, UK. She writes for Curve Magazine and The Human Experience as well as writing short fiction and working on a novel. Her ardent love of American pop culture is matched only by her passion for analyzing it completely to death.


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