Singer Jen Foster, rock star style

Jen Foster

Jen Foster, photo via Out Magazine


Even rock stars can swoon in the presence of rock stars. Jen Foster learned this backstage at a U2 concert when she met Bono, one of her biggest musical influences, and couldn‘t resist getting up close and personal with the Irish rock icon. “I got a little out of control,” Foster says, “and, well, I just grabbed him and kissed him.” A Texan, a lesbian (Bono incident notwithstanding) and a recording artist of no small accomplishment herself, having just toured with Antigone Rising and recorded a new EP with multi-platinum producer and songwriter Jeffrey Steele, Foster is pretty savvy about the music industry, but that wasn’t enough to stifle her spontaneous outburst of fangirl frenzy. That’s the power of rock stardom. “He was really cool about it,” Foster adds. “I’ve been thinking of writing a song about it. ‘I Kissed a Rock Star.’”

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