Church halts real estate deal over ‘gay marriage potential’

Church stops property sale due to 'gay marriage potential' at siteBY STEVE WILLIAMS

A couple who wanted to take a run-down Northbridge mansion off the hands of the Diocese of Worcester and turn into a banquet hall had their bid rejected, despite initially everything seemingly going well, because the Diocese didn’t like the “potentiality of gay marriages” being held on the property. While certainly unpleasant for the couple, this sudden about-turn may also have broken anti-discrimination laws.

As to how the couple came to find out about the reasons behind rejected bid, WBZ-TV reports:

Alain and his partner Jim put in an offer for $1 million for the Oakhurst Retreat and Conference Center and say the Diocese of Worcester accepted it. But, according to Beret, as they were doing their due diligence and pursuing normal negotiations, the Diocese abruptly stopped the sale.


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