Call for submissions: Women who changed your life

Throughout March, will be featuring women who are changing the world as we know it. From household names to artists or activists you may never have heard of, we want shine the spotlight on pioneering women, outspoken women, women who have created change, women for whom we are thankful!

Our writers have picked out women that have inspired them. Now, we want our readers to do the same.

How to get involved:

  • Send us about 100 words (more if you’re feeling ambitious) on a woman who deserves to be mentioned.
  • Answer some questions. Who is she? How has she changed your life? Has she helped promote LGBTQ visibility, worked for women’s rights? Did she give you the courage to come out, mentor you through a hard time? Did seeing her on TV or reading her book remind you that you aren’t alone?
  • All LGBTQ women and allies will be considered. If she’s someone from your personal life, make sure to mention that.

Email us with your story or ideas, with “INSPIRING WOMEN” and the name of your candidate in the subject line.

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