Outspoken Generation: Children of gay parents speak out

Zach Wahls, the now famous son of lesbian moms.

Zach Wahls, the now famous son of lesbian moms.


Conservatives have launched a new offensive against same-sex parenting, accusing them of child abuse simply for raising a loving family. Lost in that rhetoric is the experience of the tens of thousands of children actually being raised by gay and lesbian couples — children who would enjoy greater protection if their parents could marry.

The Family Equality Council is working to change that through its Outspoken Generation project. Chaired by Zach Wahls and Ella Robinson, daughter of Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, Outspoken Generation champions the voices of children of same-sex couples so that they can challenge the myths about what it means to have two moms or two dads. In a new video, Wahls, Robinson, and several others talk about what wonderful experiences they’ve had and how the only difference they really experienced was the stigma their families endured.

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