By Hook or By Crook

This innovative Sundance hit spins an entertaining adventure story about two butch/trans buddies on the streets of San Francisco in search of love and money. Starring LA performer/artist Harriet “Harry” Dodge (“Cecil B. Demented,” “The Joy of Life”) and former Tribe 8 punk rocker Silas Howard, “By Hook or By Crook” remains one of the most popular queer cult movies of all time.

Shy (Howard) is a small-town loner who blows off a diner job and thumbs to San Francisco to pursue a life of petty crime. Along the way, Shy stumbles into the off-kilter Valentine (Dodge). An unexpected friendship sparks, as they steal and grift their way towards understanding themselves and the world around them.

Co-starring performance artiste’ Stanya Kahn and super sexy San Francisco dyke poet Carina Gia.

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