The Journey

Two lifelong friends fall in love in an Indian village, but their lesbian relationship creates a scandal in the community. Beautiful young Kiran falls in love with her lifelong best friend, the effervescent Delilah.

But in their village, tradition still dictates that a girl must marry a boy chosen by her family. With longing in her heart, Kiran refrains from expressing her love. However, one day her neighbor Rajan comes to Kiran and asks her to help him compose love letters to Delilah. Thinking this will serve as an outlet for her feelings Kiran agrees and writes passionate, poetic love letters to Delilah in Rajan’s name. Delilah, however, suspects that Rajan might not be the author. She soon discovers her friend’s secret.

Kiran fears that this will end their friendship, but Delilah thrills her by confessing similar feelings. They somewhat recklessly begin a lesbian relationship. As their deep emotion soon becomes obvious to their families, whispering begins in town. Delilah’s mother confronts her and demands that the relationship end.

Worse, to save her reputation, she quickly arranges a marriage for her daughter. Kiran is devastated. She tries to convince Delilah to run away with her. When she realizes that Delilah isn’t going to defy her mother, Kiran is literally driven to a precipice where she must decide her fate.

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