Big trends in LGBT weddings revealed

rainbowweddingcakeBY MORGAN WELCH

On November 12, LGBT consumer research company Community Marketing & Insights (CMI) released the results of a survey called “Same-Sex Couples: Weddings and Engagements.” The survey, a collaboration between CMI and The Gay Wedding Institute, uncovered many trends (both surprising and not) among those planning weddings in the wake of recent marriage equality victories.

Lesbian couples consistently had more expensive weddings than male-male couples; even those who were already married and only having a wedding to make it legal spent 15 percent more than male couples. (Whether or not this had to do with the expense of wedding dresses versus tuxedos was not explored.) 74 percent of same-sex couples preferred LGBT media as their source for wedding planning, such as selecting a venue or finding a flower vendor. However, personal recommendations were the most trusted source of information.


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