Best summer dates for lesbians

Summer date ideas for lesbiansBY KATHY BELGE
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Take advantage of the great summer weather and take your lover or date on one of these great summer dates.

1. Hit the Beach
Whether it’s the nude beaches of Provincetown or the local swimming hole, going to the beach in the summer is a must! Walk with your sweetie hand in hand, splash around in the waves and if no one is around, take your suits off and skinny dip after dark.

2. Take in a Sporting Event
Whether it’s AAA baseball or a local dyke softball game, summer is the time to be outdoors and cheering for your home team. If you’re lucky enough to live in a city with a WNBA team, surprise her with court-side seats. Feeling adventurous? Check out something new, like roller derby, (you won’t be the only lesbians there) downhill mountain bike racing or a skateboard jam.

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